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About Georgia TRIO

Who We Are:

The Georgia Association of Special Programs Personnel (GASPP) or Georgia TRIO, founded in 1972, is a non-profit organization made up of educators, policymakers, professionals in the private sector, and other individuals committed to ensuring that secondary and post-secondary educational opportunities are appropriate and accessible to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.


GASPP is an organization with over 150 professional members committed to helping students succeed through the TRIO programs. The Georgia TRIO programs serve approximately 22,360 students and participants statewide. We receive $31,418,781 in federal funds from the U.S. Department of Education to assist us with our goals. Our students are all ages--from middle school to adults. They typically come from limited-income households where no one has obtained a college degree. Our commitment is simple: to help students achieve great things through education. We are proud to serve each student and are eager to serve many more.

Whom Do We Serve: 

The members of GASPP work together to serve over 22,000 limited-income, first-generation students, veterans, and students with disabilities throughout the state of Georgia. As mandated by Congress, two-thirds of the students served must come from families with incomes under $35,325, where neither parent graduated from college.


Our Mission:


The mission of the Georgia Association of Special Programs Personnel (GASPP) is to proactively forge effective and innovative pathways for both its members and participants, nurturing a realm of educational possibilities that knows no bounds.

To fulfill this mission, GASPP is steadfastly committed to:

• Upholding the highest standards of professional preparation, thereby cultivating a reservoir of excellence.

• Architecting forward-thinking strategies for program implementation, harnessing the collective energy of college access professionals to yield positive outcomes.

• Encouraging interconnectedness between institutions and agencies that foster cooperation and mutual growth.

• Championing the cause of education equity, from middle school through post-graduate studies, ensuring that no student is left behind.

• Engaging in unwavering federal advocacy efforts by promoting policies that foster inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility in education.

• Unveiling new avenues to amplify college access, cultivate success, and celebrate graduation, thereby transforming aspirations into tangible achievements.

Our Vision:


The Georgia Association of Special Programs Personnel (GASPP) strives to be the preeminent association for college access professionals by providing effective training and opportunities for its members and underrepresented participants by offering educational resources to enhance and develop future leaders and professionals.

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